Welcome to JNT Reptiles and thank you for visiting our website.

JNT Reptiles is a small privately owned business, that since 1987 has been located in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  We specialize in the captive propagation of high quality Columbian Boa, Ball Pythons and Leopard Gecko morphs.

The animals in our collection have been carefully selected and hand-picked over the years and are examples of some of the finest available in the market today.  We continue to expand our collection through production and by adding many new morphs from some of the best genetic breeding stock, from some of the top breeders across the country.

Our commitment to our customers has always been to offer 100% quality, honesty, and total customer satisfaction.  We feel that by being a smaller scale breeder with a manageable collection we can devote extra attention to both the needs of our customers and animals alike.

Since 1987 we have developed superior relationships with our clients as well as establishing a reputation of honesty, quality, integrity and excellence in the reptile industry.

Once again, we thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to working with you in the future.