Please review our Terms and Conditions carefully.  By purchasing from JNT Reptiles you agree to all Terms and Conditions set forth below.

Guarantee: All animals that are produced by JNT Reptiles will be guaranteed healthy, feeding, and correctly sexed. If their are problems with your order, we must be notified within 24 hours of receipt.  In the event that a refund becomes necessary, it will be at JNT Reptiles discretion on a case by case basis.

Animals Not Produced by JNT Reptiles: From time to time JNT Reptiles accepts trades toward the purchase of our animals. Upon selling, these animals will only be guaranteed to be feeding and correctly sexed.  These animals will be quarantined and properly fed and maintained prior to being offered up for sale.  However, we cannot guarantee the health of animals not produced at JNT Reptiles.

Genetics: Genetics are 100% guaranteed on all animals produced by JNT Reptiles and will have proper paper work and documentation upon request.  Genetics will not be guaranteed on traded animals, however if proper paper work and documentation is available from previous owner, it will be passed on to the new owner.

Payment: JNT Reptiles accepts cahiers check, money order, and personal checks as form of payment.  Please make all checks payable to Joe Taylor.   Payment is required in full and all payments must clear before animals will be relinquished. Checks are subject to a $50 returned check fee if they do not clear.

Reservations: JNT Reptiles, at times will take reservations on certain animals that we expect to produce in larger numbers.   A reservation can be made by making a 25% non-refundable deposit.  Once the deposit is recieved and verified you will be placed on a waiting list for that specific animal.  Full payment is due within 30 days of animal becoming available for sale, unless a payment agreement has been made.  If there is no payment agreement, and payment is not made in full within 30 days, the reservation will no longer be valid and the buyer forfeits their deposit.

Payment Plans: A  payment plan can be set-up for any animal that is currently have available for sale .  After you have selected an animal, a payment agreement will be set up and the terms will be agreed upon by both parties, a copy of this agreement will be forwarded to the purchaser. Once JNT Reptiles has received and verified your deposit,  the animal will be marked as sold.  Once the agreement is fulfilled and the animal is paid in full, arrangements will be made for delivery.

While payments are being made the animal will be properly maintained in the same way we maintain our collection at no extra charge to the purchaser.  All payment agreements must be adhered to as agreed upon, there will be no exceptions.